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• Eased Anxiety • Healthier Stress Management 

• Making Peace with Grief

"The best gift you could ever give your mind, body, & soul!"

Are you struggling with anxiety, stress, or grief? 

A Coach will: 

• help you find healthy and effective ways to process your emotions. 

• help you develop tools to calm your mind and your nervous system.

 • help you see that happiness IS possible again.

Coach Tanya Shymko is a Life Empowerment Coach and is certified through both the Health Coach Institute and the Grief to Gratitude Institute, as well as a proud member of the Canadian Health Coach Alliance. 

Contact her to schedule a complimentary first Session to explore which Programs will work best for you! 

Who does Coaching Benefit?


Programs are designed and customized entirely around your own personal needs, to help yourself and happiness again. Programs are 4, 8, or 12 weeks long, and are offered in-person (Quesnel, BC), video call, or by phone.


Organized Group Programs are offered regularly and are open to everyone.  Programs can also be customized to suit the topic, times, and dates for you and your friends or family. Programs are offered in-person (Quesnel, BC), or video call.


Programs can be customized to suit the topic, times, and dates for you and your staff and coworkers. Programs are offered in-person (Quesnel, BC and surrounding area), or video call.

Interactive talks regarding stress and anxiety management, and grief awareness, can be presented to your group, office, or conference. 

Couples / Families

Programs are designed and customized entirely around the needs of you and your spouse and your family. Programs are 4, 8, or 12 weeks long, and are offered in-person (Quesnel, BC), video call, or by phone.


Real-life Clients overcoming real-life problems. Here is what they have to say about working with Coach Tanya.

Nikki B.

Tanya is amazing, i do not live near her, but we chat via video chat. The first time we video chat, she was so wonderful. Her advise is good advise, her activities can be challenging but they help, a lot! I highly recommend!!!

Lisa B. 

My time with Tanya was very empowering. I started to see my growth and was able to automatically apply the knowledge and tools that I began to acquire. Tanya was very supportive and allowed you to feel and share what I needed to without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. I'd like to thank Tanya for showing me the way.

(Lisa B. had her sessions long-distance via video chat)

Katherine J.

I got so much out of my sessions with Tanya. Her calm, quiet voice soothed my nervous system as she led me through very helpful processes. With her wise guidance, I was able to unlock and let go of limiting beliefs, self-judgment, and old stories around relationship issues I had with my father. Tanya’s intuitive nature to hold space for long pauses as I thought of answers to her questions proved extremely beneficial, as it’s not always the first answer that I came up with that was truly the answer I was needing. Her coaching style is patient, persistent, and effective. I got so much out of our time together! I highly recommend Tanya to anyone who is going through a major life transition that involves grief, anxiety, depression, or other heavy feelings/experiences.

(Katherine J.. had her sessions over the phone)

Ashley P.

I am happy. I have clarity now and know what steps I want to take. Thank you

(Ashley P. had her sessions long-distance via phone)

Molly W. 

Life coaching with Tanya - A review

Total rating: 10/10

I would recommend Art of Transformation: Health and Life Coaching to anyone who is struggling with their mental or physical health. Tanya is sensational to work with and she has helped me through so much. I came in feeling stressed and unhappy with myself and my life. I was hard on myself and was suffering from anxiety frequently. I didn’t feel confident in myself and was fighting an uphill battle. Tanya helped me see the puzzle pieces, how everything was connected and what was really going on inside my head. As time progressed and our sessions continued, I began to feel confident in myself, and I began to worry less and less and feel proud of myself more.

We discussed many techniques and ideas to change the way I thought and felt, including the Hot chocolate/tea breathing exercise, engaging our senses to turn our focus away from anxiety, and various euphoria-inducing meditations. Her office is quiet and calm, and not to mention her cat, Peppers, being an adorable assistant.

Tanya does an excellent job of understanding different motives and ideas which is very useful and reassuring. She is very flexible with time, as I’ve the last done couple of sessions online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I walked out feeling joyful, things that were big problems for me in the past weren’t nearly as large, the progress I looked back on was amazing. Please consider contacting her if you are thinking about persuing life coaching sessions. Molly age 13 1/2

(Molly W.. had her sessions in-person)

Melanie B.

I went through the Total Transformation 90 Day Program with Tanya Shymko earlier this year. I found the program to be really eye opening and it surprised me how varied the subject matter was. I didn't expect as much content as I got, but also the organization and weekly focus was so clear it made it easy to absorb and do my assignments. I had a few big epiphanies and break through during the process. What surprised me the most is that the goals I went in with got reshuffled and as I became more clear and grounded within myself, my focus shifted inward, instead of outward. I really feel I benefited greatly from the process and I would highly recommend Tanya and the Art of Transformation program to anyone who is considering growing as a person, becoming more aware and /or making positive changes within themselves and their lives.

(Melanie B. had her sessions long-distance via phone)

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